Development of SIRIM Industry Standards

SIRIM Industry Standards service was introduced in 2014 to address the needs of industry for organisation/industry level standards.

SIRIM Industry Standards prescribe the way in which the business or production is to be operated, stipulate required practices in the workplace, and ensure quality of production, materials and outsource services. They help organisations gain a competitive edge, drive down costs, boost productivity and improve profits.

Standards Consultancy

Apart from developing SIRIM Industry Standards, we provide consultancy and training on standards, technical regulations, and conformity assessments. This also includes consultancy to assist manufacturing companies in improving their manufacturing capabilities, to ensure compliance of product with the relevant standards and regulations; and standards and quality related studies.

Standards Implementation Training

Our standards implementation training offerings are on various published standards, including Malaysian Standards and SIRIM Industry Standards, as well as international, regional, and foreign standards. These are organised to facilitate awareness and understanding of the requirements of the standards.