Requirements for heat treatment of wood and wood packaging materials (WPM)
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24/07/2019 – 24/08/2019
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SIRIM/DOA Standard is developed according to SIRIM standardisation procedures, which are in line with international practices that ensure appropriate notification of work programmes and participation of interested parties. As a standards development organisation, SIRIM Berhad has extensive expertise in standards research and consultancy which helps industries and businesses meet local and international requirements and practices. SIRIM/DOA Standard is developed through collaboration with SIRIM which provides requirements, specifications, guidelines or characteristics that can be used to ensure that materials, products, processes and services are fit for their purpose. SIRIM/DOA Standard is developed through consensus by established committee, which consists of experts in the subject matter. The use of this standard is voluntary, and it is open for adoption by regulators, government agencies, associations, industries, professional bodies, etc. This Code of Agricultural Practice was developed with the following objectives:

a) to control and prevent the spread of quarantine pests arising from international trade activities;
b) to facilitate unrestricted movement of woods or goods which are packed using wood packaging materials traded internationally;
c) to ensure certified treatment providers comply with this Code of Agricultural Practice requirements; and
d) to maintain traceability of the treated wood and wood packaging materials through treatment certification and marking.