Plant Factory – Requirements
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17 February 2021 – 17 March 2021
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Malaysia has a sizeable number of abandoned and/or underutilised commercial spaces, especially end-of-use electronics factories, that can be transformed into plant factory. These facilities are possible assets/prospect to generate income, support domestic food security, reduce dependency on food importation (learning from Covid-19 pandemic and pest infestation in India) and bringing ‘farm to table’. This document will provide guidance for utilisation of abandoned commercial spaces into agriculture (e.g. small fruit plant, leafy vegetables, herbs etc.) production facility. This SIRIM Standard was developed by the Project Committee on Plant Factory established by SIRIM Berhad. This standard was developed with the objective of specifying the minimum requirements for plant factory.

Scope: This standard specifies the requirements and best practices to develop plant factory for a closed or indoor plant growing system utilising artificial controls of lights, temperature and humidity for production of leafy or fruits vegetables, including herbs and microgreens or strawberry.