Indoor environmental quality (IEQ) for office buildings
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13 September 2021 – 13 October 2021
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Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) plays an important role in the health and comfort of building occupants. Good indoor air quality can lead to improved productivity at the workplace, while poor indoor air quality will reduce productivity due to discomfort and illness. Consequences of poor indoor environmental quality have long been recognised as sick building syndrome and implicate life threatening risks. The ultimate success or failure of a project rests on its IEQ. Without proper design, construction, operation and maintenance, buildings can quickly become a source of distraction, discomfort and even illness. Effective management of the IEQ in buildings with an appreciation of the importance of providing high-quality interior environments for all users are essential to the maintenance of occupant health, comfort results in higher satisfaction and productivity. Understanding the indoor environmental sources and influences and controlling them can often help prevent or resolve building-related worker symptoms.

Scope: This standard specifies the requirements of air-conditioned office buildings to achieve good indoor environmental quality (IEQ) that includes the indoor air quality, acoustic comfort, thermal comfort, visual comfort, safety and health, housekeeping, and assessments. It is applicable for new and existing building projects in all phases, i.e. design, construction, and operation and maintenance.