Guidelines for innovation through regulatory sandbox
Commenting Period
6 August 2021 – 13 September 2021
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Draft highlights

This standard was developed with the objectives to provide understanding on the frameworks and principle of innovation through regulatory sandbox, to provide guidance to organisation in undertaking innovation through regulatory sandbox and to provide reference to any implementing agency in executing regulatory sandbox.

This standard is intended to be used by the regulators, innovators either from public and private sectors, institutions of higher learning, research institutions, industry-specific research organisations and any other interested organisations, regardless of sector, size or type, aiming to test new technologies and solutions in a safe and conducive space, to effectively bring new or improved technologies and solutions to market through the application of a structured and systematic process approach.

This standard allows the innovators to consider elements of the regulatory sandbox process in an overall business context, typically how they should be developed to maximise the benefit to the organisation.