Code of good aquaculture practices for marine shrimp farming
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30 August 2021 – 30 September 2021
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This code of good aquaculture practices for marine shrimp farming is aimed to promote the aquaculture industry so that the registered farms with the Department of Fisheries can operate the good management practices and successfully obtain MyGAP certification (Malaysian Good Agricultural Practices). Additionally, this will ensure that the activities in these farms can be monitored under Department of Fisheries official control programmes. The adoption of this good practices will not only ensure the quality and safety of the shrimp produce for human consumption but also to ensure the shrimp farming is conducted in socially responsible manner and promote the sustainability of the industry. This good practices also takes into account the welfare of the company’s workers including their health, to ensure that their workers are free from diseases that can bring pollution to the shrimp produce.

This good practices is intended to address the generally recognised key elements in the marine shrimp farming and handling of shrimps in order to ensure food safety along the processing environment and operation up to the point of delivery. This standard prescribes code of good aquaculture practices for sustainable marine shrimp farming to ensure shrimp produce that are safe, disease free and of good quality. This standard covering from site selection until post-harvesting practices (delivery point) however it does not include activities such as processing, distribution, and retailing. Marine shrimp species covered in this standard is shrimp in the family of Penaeidae such as black tiger shrimp (Penaeus monodon), and white shrimp (Penaeus vannamei).