SIRIM Academy, an esteemed initiative of SIRIM STS, stands as a newly established entity with a clear strategic vision - to be the definitive One Stop Training Centre within the SIRIM Group. Drawing from over 25 years of invaluable experience in the training industry, SIRIM Academy is committed to providing cutting-edge technology and top-tier training, tailored to empower individuals in their quest to elevate their careers and professional pursuits.​

Why Choose Us

  1. Vast Experiences​
  2. Updated module​
  3. Engaging Training Sessions​
  4. Trained and competent expert​
  5. Centralized solutions​
  6. Personal and Professional Growth​

Comprehensive range of training courses based on international Management System Standards and other sector-specific standards, providing guidance to help organisations align their policies and processes with the changing needs and expectations of their stakeholders

Courses to improve the quality of organisation’s products, processes and services, among others Kaizen, Six Sigma, Green 5S, Customer Service Management, Total Productive Maintenance, Total Quality Management, Innovation Management and Lean Management

Specialised knowledge and expertise training to equip learners to perform specific tasks and use specific tools and techniques in real world situations

Programmes designed to increase competencies and capabilities of personnel in performing tasks related to fulfilment of the Management System Standards requirements, in particular quality management and other specific sectors management systems

Schemes designed to recognise Malaysian organisations with proven track record of applying best practices in their specific focus areas and continuously improving their organisation's performance

Talent Development: Programmes to assist organisations expand their employees’ skillset and advance them within the organisation, hence helps achieve their professional ambitions

Vendor Development: Programmes to support vendors to grow and be more competitive in the market, by improving business process and increasing the productivity, quality, competitiveness and enhance workforce competency

Research and benchmarking on quality related areas, e.g. studies on adoption of standards based management systems and best practices; and impact studies, which could result in effective organisational management and process improvement