About Us

SIRIM STS Sdn Bhd is the leading one-stop resource centre for services relating to the development of Malaysian Standards (MS) and SIRIM Industry Standards, serves as national enquiry point on technical barriers to trade, supporting knowledge expenditure in technical areas through Technical Library, and upgrades the human capital of local industries through trainings. SIRIM STS is aspired to assist organisations towards implementing excellent business culture by associating quality, technology and best practices in their daily work demands.

National Standards Infrastructure

SIRIM STS is tasked with overseeing the National Standards Infrastructure under the purview of Department of Standards Malaysia. Newly published Malaysian Standards (MS) are available for purchase through the MS Online system or at our head office. SIRIM STS is the appointed Sales Agent for worldwide standards organisations (ISO, IEC, and BSI, AS, JIS, ANSI, ASTM and others).
SIRIM STS is also tasked with managing the country’s participation in international standards development activities, thus protecting the nation’s interests in world trade and commerce.

Malaysia’s WTO/TBT Enquiry Point

The World Trade Organization (WTO) Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT Agreement) obliges all member countries to maintain an Enquiry Point that is able to answer questions from interested parties and other WTO Members regarding technical regulations, standards and conformity assessment procedures. The TBT Agreement also requires that WTO Members notify the WTO of proposed technical regulations and conformity assessment procedures so interested parties can become acquainted with them and have an opportunity to submit written comments.

SIRIM Berhad is designated by the government to be the Malaysia’s National WTO-TBT Enquiry Point.  SIRIM STS operates the function of the WTO/TBT Enquiry Point on behalf of SIRIM Berhad.

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Training & Consultancy Services

Apart from standardisation activities, SIRIM STS aims to upgrade the technological skills and capabilities of local industries. Backed by a pool of experienced team of specific industry trainers and consultants, the objective can be realised through the provision of courses, seminars, workshops, conferences, in-house trainings, packaged training programmes and consultancy services.